Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is the time of year when families get together for fun and fellowship. It is during these times that traditions are created that can be passed down to each new generation. What are your family traditions? If you really hadn’t thought about it, use this Christmas season to begin a few special ones.

Family Christmas TraditionsDepending on your denomination of the Christian faith, some people attend services on Christmas. Programs are held on Christmas Eve night or the Sunday immediately before Christmas Day. Attending a service gives families time to reflect on the spiritual aspect of the season and share the nativity story with their children. In some churches, the children perform Christmas plays for the church congregation.

The night before ChristmasFamily Christmas Traditions is the perfect time for the famous story of the same name by Clement C. Moore. The story is about a man who witnesses Santa’s visit to his house on Christmas Eve. Gather the entire family for the reading just before bedtime.

Christian and secular traditions don’t have to exist separately. The two can be merged to create a well-rounded holiday family tradition. For those parents that choose not to let their children believe in Santa Claus, tell them the story of St. Nicholas. When a child really thinks about it, he or she will realize that no one can make it around the world to every home in a night, let alone fly on a sleigh to do it.

Family Christmas TraditionsSt. NicholasFamily Christmas Traditions is the bishop on whom the legend is based. He was a Christian man who sought to use his money to serve the people in godly ways. He was so loved that after his death, stories circulated about his many deeds. Over time, the good deeds turned into miracles performed. In Europe, more specifically among the Dutch, the legend of Sinterklaas was born. He was the predecessor of the American folk hero, Santa Claus.

Christmas traditions can include volunteering at a soup kitchen or collecting money for charities. When thinking about others, families express the true meaning and spirit of the season. Good will towards mankind sets an example that our children can and should follow. Not only will you be helping those in need by doing these things, but you will be teaching your children great lessons for life at the same time.

Family Christmas TraditionsA favorite tradition of mine is telling stories of past Christmases shared with family. Remembering the excitement of Christmas Eve night when I was the age of my own kids brings a feeling of warmth to my soul. Christmas traditions that I grew up with such as decorating the tree together in early December are observed in my home today.

How about you, what memories or traditions do you have from your own childhood that you could incorporate into your own family now?

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