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Welcome Dinner MemeSo, here's the question for this meme: Which menu would you serve to blogging friends for a welcome dinner upon their first visit to your home? Jennifer at Pie is the New Toast tagged me for this meme and it's a toughie for a newbie cook like me. But, I am willing to take on the challenge!

Since it's me creating the menu, you will not be surprised that the dishes are all from Rachael Ray. I was going to really think outside the box and go wild, but then I decided that I would provide what I consider to be my go-to entertaining recipes. These really are the dishes I usually make the first time someone visits.

Appetizer - When I went to the Sacramento Food Blogger's Potluck, I had to bring a dish for a whole bunch of foodies and they loved Rachael Ray's Pesto Torta. So, I won't second guess myself - that's the first course.

Salad - Sweet and Bitter Greens Salad with Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Dressing. I make this choice based on the fact that food bloggers are generally the kind of folks who eat gorgonzola. I might be a bit hesitant with a different crowd, since it is, shall we say, a pungent cheese.

Entree - Garlic Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon. The great thing about using this dish for entertaining is that you prepare it, then stick it in the oven to roast for awhile, which gives you some time to chat with your guests. This recipe is actually part of the same episode as the salad, too. They were meant to be together....

Side dish - Well, Rachael added some Pesto Mashed Potatoes to the menu, but we don't do mashed potatoes in my house (part of our own Phase 4 of the South Beach Diet, as we like to say). So, I would offer these simple but yummy Southern Green Beans. This is a dish I never would have tried pre-Rachael Ray recipe cooking. I made it last Thanksgiving and there were no leftovers. Plus, the rest of the meal is pretty healthy, so the bacon will be a treat.

Dessert - Like Rachael, I don't bake. So, I would offer her Mexican "Fried" Ice Cream as a dessert. It's easy and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Okay, your turn. Here's who I am tagging:

Cate at Sweetnicks
My cousin Jeny at The B Family
Carrie at SmileyCarrie
Ali at Something So Clever
Jessica at Food TV and Me

[Photo of Southern Green Beans from Food Network]

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