Happy Mother's Day!

Disney Mothers - I Want A Mom That'll Last Forever

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Title: Happy Mother's Day


What do I give my mom for Mother's Day?

Lyrics to song:

Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mothers Day

You're not listening

You are my Mom
Whether you like it or not
like it or not

Why do you pick up the phone everytime it rings? You know there's voicemail, voicemail, voicemail

Oh I forgot you don't know how to set up your voicemail

Another thing for me to do
Another thing for me to do

Its okay
Cause you're my mom
So Happy Mothers Day

Title: Mother's Day

(Domino Fall Down 17)

Happy Mother's Day!

Breaks in fall: None!
(A few still standing in first flower however)

Dominoes used: 3350

Clearer, shorter version:

Music From:
Fall: 'Touching Moments Two - Higher'
Count: 'Gold Rush'

For more domino videos by many others please check this YouTube group:


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