Isaboo is Fine!

Isaboo is Fine!I've gotten several e-mails and some comments asking if Rachael Ray's dog, Isaboo, died. No! Isaboo is just fine! You people need to get TiVo! Here's what Rachael said on her talk show today: "One of the biggest losses in my life and certainly the most recent was my dog Boo." Not Isaboo. I know they sound very similar, so I'll cut you all some slack, but nothing happened to Rachael's dog.

Her previous dog was named Boo and she passed away in 2004. Rachael wrote a piece called My Girl Boo for her magazine's November-December 2005 issue. It includes some heartwarming stories about Boo and one of her favorite recipes: Boo-soto. If you're a real dog lover, be careful. It's a tearjerker.

I'm sure Rachael would feel very special to know that so many of you care about her and her dog!

[Photo of Boo (not Isaboo) from Every Day with Rachael Ray]

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