Rachael Ray's Dunkin Donuts Commercial

Rachael Ray's Dunkin Donuts CommercialSo check out Rachael's new Dunkin' Donuts commercial below (which isn't airing out here in California).

Dunkin Donuts is pretty excited about its new campaign with Rachael if this press release is any indication. They describe the deal with Rachael as a "national broadcast, online and print ad campaign" that is going to run them $40 million.

The campaign "consists of a media mix of television, radio, print, outdoor and online spot placements." Rachael will also be featured in marketing placed in Dunkin' Donuts stores and will make personal appearances to promote the company.

I think it's cute, lighthearted, and casual. I don't have anything to compare it to (and thanks to TiVo, I hardly ever watch commercials anymore), but it seems like a good commercial to me. The Chicago Sun Times gave it a B+ and had this to say about it:

It takes but a second to see why Ray has become a major television star. Even without having much to do, she exudes a radiant perkiness that grabs you immediately. When she inquires who the man with the broom is, the counter man describes him as the "new guy," and Ray rather too cutely acknowledges him with a "hey new guy."

But cutesiness aside, Ray also exudes a certain air of authority that should be useful to Dunkin', especially when she takes a sip of her coffee and authoritatively declares it "delish."

Seems like it will be successful to me. How does it compare to the other ads Dunkin has previously done?

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